Integrative Dental Medicine

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Integrative Medicine is a growing discipline whereby the goal is to understand the cause and effect relationships of health and disease. Patients are counseled on how to prevent accelerated aging and chronic degenerative conditions, such as atherosclerosis and diabetes. At the same time, patients are coached on how they can engage in a lifestyle that can turn back the clock, increase energy, sharpen their minds, make them trimmer, fitter, sexier and help them live with much more vibrancy and joy.

We apply these same principles using the 4 B’s of Integrative Dental Medicine:

• TMJ• Masticatory Muscles
• Dental Malocclusion
• Occlusal Orthotics
• Headaches
• Oral Pathogens
• Salivary Testing
• Probiotics
• Periodontal Therapy
• Xylitol
• Sleep Apnea
• Disordered Breathing
• Nasal vs. Mouth Breathing
• Systemic Inflammation
• Nutrition
• Physical Inactivity
• Toxins
• Stress

We are fully committed to serve as your Gatekeepers for Complete Health.

The principles of good health and wellness are not complicated!




Several years ago, Dr.Wilkerson was invited to attend a conference of the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health(AAOSH), at the renowned Cleveland Clinic. In his keynote address, Dr. Michael Roisen, Chief Medical Officer at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute, made a statement that was most profound:

“I believe that Dentists should be on the front-lines
fighting the health crisis that is destroying our nation.”

Those words became an urgent calling, to make a difference, both for you, our patients, and for the Dental teams around the world that we influence through our teaching. Dr.Wilkerson will serve as the 2016-2017 President of AAOSH.

“On a great day we save a smile,
on an amazing day we save a life!”