Invisible Braces

Straighten Teeth with Clear,
Invisible Braces

Over a million patients worldwide have used invisible braces straighten their teeth without metal braces. Dr. DuPont and Dr. Wilkerson offer patients the option of easily and comfortably straightening their teeth with invisible braces.

Invisible braces is perfect for patients who need mild to moderate orthodontic treatment. invisible braces uses a series of virtually invisible custom-made aligner trays to gradually shift your teeth into place. And unlike metal braces, invisible braces are removable!

  • While wearing these aligners, you’ll enjoy the freedom of being able to eat and drink comfortably.
  • Invisible aligners are so thin and clear, most people probably won’t even notice you’re wearing them.
  • Because the aligners are removable, you’ll be able to floss and brush your teeth according to your normal routine to keep teeth and gums healthy.

Straight and properly aligned teeth are key components of a properly functioning and good-looking smile. Visit DuPont and Wilkerson Dentistry to find out how you can start on the path to straighter teeth.

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