Dental Crowns

glenn_work2Dental Crowns Save Your Teeth and Restore Your Smile

Dental crowns are used when teeth have been significantly damaged by decay, large fillings, root treatment, or fractures. The crown, much like a thimble, protects the tooth so that any force applied to the top of the tooth cannot split or damage the tooth further.

A restorative dental technique that retains a foundation of your natural tooth structure, crowns are usually recommended when (a) a tooth filling won’t adequately fix the primary problem and (b) the root of the tooth is intact.

Ceramic (Porcelain) Dental Crowns
Dental crowns can be made out of several different materials including porcelain, porcelain fused to a metal understructure, or all metal such as gold. While choice in material is largely dependent on the patient’s specific circumstances, ceramic, or porcelain, crowns are an increasingly popular choice among patients.

Advantages of Ceramic Crowns:

  • Beauty – Porcelain crowns eliminate the unsightly dark collar that is typically associated with traditional porcelain-metal “caps.”
  • Comfort – Many patients experience a metallic taste or sensitivity with traditional porcelain-metal crowns. Ceramic crowns have the look and feel of natural teeth.
  • Durability – With the combination of Dr. DuPont and Dr. Wilkerson’s significant knowledge and expertise and the recent advances in materials and quality of porcelain crowns now available, patients can expect excellent, long term results.

At DuPont and Wilkerson, our goal is to retain as much of your natural teeth as possible. Get in touch with us to see if crowns can make a difference in your tooth health and looks.