Dawson Academy

dawson_400Contributing Dental Education and Expertise to the Profession

The prestigious Dawson Academy is a provider of post-graduate dental courses and continuing education to the dental profession, promoting founder Dr. Peter E. Dawson’s Complete Care Dentistry philosophy.

As Dawson Academy graduates, Dr. Glenn DuPont and Dr. DeWitt Wilkerson of DuPont & Wilkerson Dentistry apply the concepts of Complete Care Dentistry on every patient. This concept encourages ample time between the dentist and patient to be taken to perform a full maxillofacial/dental examination and diagnostic testing, as well as a one-on-one conversation about medical history, cosmetic concerns, and any other issues. All of the information is compiled and analyzed to arrive at a precise diagnosis and conservative treatment plan.

In addition to their own full-time dental practices, as Dawson Academy Senior Faculty members, Dr. DuPont and Dr. Wilkerson not only take advanced continuing education courses, they also teach, post-graduate courses to dental professionals from around the world.

Glenn E. DuPont, DDS
Senior Faculty
The Dawson Academy
Former Director of Faculty,

Dr. DuPont dedicates his time to his practice and teaching at the Dawson Academy.

DeWitt C. Wilkerson, DMD
Senior Faculty
The Dawson Academy
Chairman, The Dawson Foundation

Because both Drs. DuPont and Wilkerson are on the forefront of modern dentistry, especially in the areas of restorative and aesthetic dentistry, dental professionals across the county frequently consult with and refer their most complex cases, to them. Please view our dental case studies for a sampling of the many cases we’ve handled.

Let us support you as our colleague. Please feel free to contact us for a professional consult or referral.