*Dr. DuPont on Equilibration


Equilibration Class
Dr. DuPont just taught a full class at The Dawson Academy for Advanced Dental Training. The dentists were from all over – Puerto Rico, Canada and nine different states. They all came to St. Petersburg for 3 days to learn specialized techniques as well as a thought process to apply their knowledge from Dr. DuPont. This is only one of the classes that he teaches and it is about balancing patient’s bite. Since we are able to save most patient’s teeth, or restore them completely with implants for a lifetime, the forces that are placed on our teeth, fillings, crown or dentures must not be traumatic. If the teeth hit incorrectly, it can damage the teeth, the bone, the gums, and cause headaches as well as put more stress on the entire system.
The class really loved what Dr. DuPont taught them because this is not taught in dental schools and so few dentists really understand it. They all really love the way he teaches them in a step by step, systematic way that makes it very understandable. It also allows each dentist to go back home and immediately begin helping their patients right away. Most people forget about their bite and how their teeth fit together unless there is a problem. Because a bad bite can cause severe wear, breakage, loose teeth and other problems it is critical for dentists to know these techniques and the dentists at Dr. DuPont’s class now have that knowledge and that is why he loves teaching and sharing his knowledge