Sleep Apnea Screening

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We have a national epidemic involving breathing problems, resulting in chronically poor health. We often see this reflected in nighttime clenching and grinding teeth, gastric reflux damaged teeth, morning sore muscles and headaches. These are coincidently the very same symptoms associated with bite problems and Temporomandibular Disorders(TMD). Snoring is a sign of partial airway blockage during sleep. Sleep Apnea involves complete blockage of the airway during sleep. This can dangerously reduce oxygen levels in the bloodstream, increasing the release of stress hormones, exciting the heart rate, raising blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Researchers have associated sleep apnea with cardiac arrhythmia, heart attacks, Type 2 Diabetes, extreme daytime fatigue, Alzheimers, and even Cancer.

As many as 30 million people suffer from Sleep Apnea in the U.S.,
yet less than 15% have been diagnosed with this life threatening condition.

It is our commitment that every person we care for will be screened for Sleep Apnea. You can complete the STOP-BANG Survey below as an initial self screen. If the screen indicates a higher risk, we can pursue a complete diagnosis together. Fortunately for millions of people, Sleep Apnea can often be treated with dental solutions such as oral appliances or orthodontics. Severe cases may require a CPAP device. Together, we will help you obtain a proper medical diagnosis and plan.

S.T.O.P. / B.A.N.G. Questionnaire

Check YES or NO, and count your score

S.T.O.P. Low Risk Questions
Do you snore? Yes No
Are you tired during the day? Yes No
Have you been observed gasping or stop breathing during sleep? Yes No
Do you have high blood pressure? Yes No
B.A.N.G. Medium Risk Questions
Is your BMI score 30 or greater? Yes No
Is your age 50 or more? Yes No
Neck Circumference:
Male 17 inches or greater? Female 16 inches or greater?
Yes No
Gender= Male? Yes No

Low Risk Questions YES to 0-2
Medium Risk Questions YES to 3-4

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